Cosmetic Dentistry

Fonthill Heights Cosmetic Dentist

Our cosmetic procedures aren’t just about dramatically improving your smile, but also dramatically improving your confidence. An inviting smile is helpful in maximizing your potential in all aspects of life. Let us, your new Fonthill cosmetic dentist, help you achieve your full potential with any of the following procedures:


By simply fixing thin layers of durable ceramic to the surface of your teeth, we can fix chipped, cracked, unevenly spaced or severely stained teeth and create a brilliant, bright, natural-looking smile.


Lumineers, like veneers, are put in place to fix flawed teeth but are much thinner and require less preparation.


Our experts utilize bonding processes to help reduce gaps between teeth and transform your smile.

Ceramic Crowns

A ceramic crown, like a regular crown, is placed over existing tooth structure to help create a more aesthetically pleasing smile, and is made of durable ceramic which will last many years.