Guards, Bite Appliances

Fonthill Heights Sports Guards

If you play sports, or grind your teeth in your sleep, your teeth are at risk for becoming damaged, requiring expensive restorative procedures in the future. The knowledgeable staff at Dr. Nelly Soliman Wahba Family Dentistry can provide you with a simple preventative, protective solution.

Sports Guards

A fitting for a custom sports guard could save you a lot of stress and money in the future. If you’re an athlete, it is important to protect your smile from contact that could potentially crack or even cause you to loose your teeth. Our comfortable sports guards provide an excellent preventative solution to the common athletic problem of damaged teeth.

Bite Appliances

Some people are prone to a condition called ‘bruxism’. This means they grind their teeth while they sleep, eventually wearing them away and creating a need for expensive restorative procedures. In order to avoid the need for restorative procedures, our dental experts can fit you with a custom bite appliance and ensure your teeth will be protected safely and comfortably while you sleep.