Dental Restoration

Fonthill Heights Dental Restoration

It’s a fact of life. Over the years, your teeth are bound to incur some type of damage. Perhaps you’ve lost or chipped a tooth accidentally? Or simply gotten a cavity. Dental damage is something that affects people of all ages. The professionals at Dr. Nelly Soliman Wahba Family Dentistry, specializing in gentle dental care, are committed to helping you look and feel your best.


When cavities form in the enamel of your tooth, we can easily fix these imperfections by simply removing the decay and filling the space with metal or porcelain.


Inlays can be used when your tooth has accrued damage due to biting or when a filling is not optimal. An inlay, created in a lab, offers superior durability to a filling and prevents recurring decay.


An onlay, like an inlay, prevents further damage to your teeth but covers a greater area. It is used when a filling is too small, but a crown is too much. It is often referred to as a “partial crown”.


When a tooth has suffered significant damage from either decay or trauma, a crown may be necessary. A porcelain cap, the crown is placed on the tooth after all decay has been removed and the tooth shaped to offer the best structure for bonding. It looks and feels like a natural tooth, and is a long term solution.

Dental Bridges

Our dentists can help you secure your false teeth in place by fitting you with a dental bridge. It is an artificial tooth connected to adjacent teeth.